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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeMon Nov 05, 2007 6:38 pm

1. No Cybering! this means nothing involving any kind of sex or exceedingly graphic speech although you can say for example (She flashed her boobs or they saw him naked in the park) you cannot say (He slowly slipped his **** into her *****) i will ban you if you say somthing like that

2. NO GOD MODDING! This has got to be the most annoying thing i see when rping so please for the love of god dont do it or you will be punished according to how many offenses you have, you may get a warning i dont know it just depends

3. If you talk out of character please put in () or[ ] above your actual post

4.No forceplay! This falls under godmoding and i already went over that. Forceplay is forcing someone elses character to do something without his or her permission for example (He punched nick in the jaw: unexceptable) adding words like (he/she tried, attempted to, or towards) can mean the difference between forceplay and an inocent fight however it is ok to force play if you speak out of character letting us know you have permission

5. Respect each other! This means no harassment, name calling, flaming, or infighting on the boards! If you must start drama keep it in PMs or email and don't bring it into the game.

6. Respect the administrators and moderators! We work very hard to bring you the best RP experience possible, so please show us some respect and don't argue about decisions we make. If you have a problem, PM one of us.

7. If your gone for two week without posting and u dont tell anyone and a month passes we will kill ur dude you can have two characters, three if permission is given...rping is the most important thing you can't win just because of high stats or lose beacuse of low ones all rping is required a good strategy can beat high stats remember that.

8.No magical dodging for example (He fired white lightning at point blank range at Ricks head, fotunately rick dodged it just in time) that is godmodding.

9. Keep the spelling and grammer mistake to a min...use word before u post it ...read over it and make sure it makes sense that extra minute

10. You don't just get the points you need and graduate the academy, the academy teacher does it or a division captain does it you do not do it on your own.

11. Swearing is allowed but DO NOT use this excessivley. This means dont be dropping the f-bomb every 5 words and whatnot you get the picture right? good

12. use proper grammer and words. NO wtf pwned pwned etc.. 3 sentence minimum for a post until we get more members then we may increase the amount of sentences per post.

13. No double posting is allowed unless there is an hour time gap between them if you feel the need to want to double post that is what the modify button is for Wink

14. Put a link to your character in your signature THIS IS REQUIRED. I am not yelling at you i'm just telling you what you need so that it's not a pain in my or anyone elses ass trying to find your character info. If you don't know how to get the link all you do is go to your character profile and highlight the whole http for that webpage this is the url and thus a link to your profile once you have copied it paste it in your sig with text next to it telling which of you characters it is if you have more than one. As well as being easy on us it will be easier for you to update your character's abilities and stats
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