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 Taichou and Fuku-Taichou' Office

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PostSubject: Taichou and Fuku-Taichou' Office   Mon Nov 05, 2007 9:20 pm

All questions, orders, concerns, and complaints can and may be brought here. Missions and orders are usually given here. All new shinigami recruits usually come here to sign up for the eleventh division. (The Window is not a suitable entrance or exit. Please knock before entering.)
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PostSubject: Re: Taichou and Fuku-Taichou' Office   Wed Nov 07, 2007 9:09 pm

having heard enogh whining of her 3rd and the pager going off far too often she wandered down to the 11th.

as she moved with all the grace of a dancer she stepped into the front area of the office. she may not be that happy but manners were always important.

Just as she was about to settle, a butterfly landed on her shoulder. It carried a message.
she flased and dissapeared from the 11th office.

she simply sat down and waited. she knew the aid would have noted she was a captain and therefore she would not be made to wait long.
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PostSubject: Re: Taichou and Fuku-Taichou' Office   Sun Nov 25, 2007 10:36 pm

Rakagei slunk into the 11th divsion, the forms from the 4th rustled from the tied postion in his belt. He walked straight to the taichous office tring to keep himself from atracting any unwantd attention.

The door to his office was locked, and he wasent even in the divsion for the matter, he juggled the door handle several times before he grabbed a form and slid it under the door.

"OI, what are you doin here punk?" A loud and rather annoying voice said before he was grabed and thrown into a wall opiste the door.

"How did I know this would happen?" Rakagei thought as he rubbed his head, "Awnser when spoken too dog." the voice said again as his face was pushed into the wooden wall.

"why do i have to awnser to scum like you?" Rakagei said as he lifted his head from the wall, he may have been from the 4th but he was no pushover. He ducked and the man holding his head against the wall fell forward, slaming his head into the wal as Leo dug his elbow into the mans stomach.

The man must have been putting alot of weight on his hand, he was knocked out cold. "damn newbies." Rakagei mummbled as he placed a form on the mans chest before kicking him over to the side of the wall to keep him out of everyones way.

This little trip had placed Rakagei in a rather foul mood, he began to pass out the forms to whoever he met, he had played tricks on most of the members, most disliked him. None of them had a sense of humor.

He finished passing out the forms and walked out of the divsion, as a small crowd of 11th formed and began to follow.
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PostSubject: Re: Taichou and Fuku-Taichou' Office   

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Taichou and Fuku-Taichou' Office
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