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 4th Division Posting Thread

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PostSubject: Re: 4th Division Posting Thread   Wed Nov 28, 2007 12:13 am

A large group of 11th sihinigamia pear all injured and some needing check up they form a line and some sit down at the front desk. Waintg for the taichoua nd shinigamni to come and treat them. They are very loud and disrespectful they are angry that they have resorted to visiting 4th shinigami scum and are in a rush to go back to battle.

"Hurry Blasted 4th Shinigami Scumss!!!!"
shouted the groups of shiniagmi/

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PostSubject: Re: 4th Division Posting Thread   Wed Nov 28, 2007 3:55 am

she could hear the noise as the 11th started arriving.

"Hurry Blasted 4th Shinigami Scumss!!!!"

upon hearing this she moved smoothly and silently so that she appeared neatly behind the ringleader of the noise makers.

"hold your tongue lest i cut it out."

she tolerated the 11th far more than most only coz her beloved was an 11th so she learned to have a lot of patience and understanding.
she could pull off a look that only a mother could give and that same look had made even the most bold of men cower below her. it was a talent.
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4th Division Posting Thread
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