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PostSubject: Arcs   Arcs Icon_minitimeMon Nov 05, 2007 10:35 pm

To start in a couple of weeks once we have more members

First the main arc:

Please note i am trying not to use Country names to keep it generalized and also none offensive to people, you can all just take from it what you feel is good for you.

As is the custom after the battle shinigami set about repairing buildings and modifying peoples memories. The only thing that could not be explained away was the disappearance of the UN officials. The shadow that has been looming grinned its many teeth at this hole in the cover up. Within the next few weeks the TV news of the human world reported the kidnap of the UN officials along with footing of Lehavamaking a threat to the world.

A final nerve was broken in the west. The UN who stood for so many things and had to all intense and purposes played a back seat in the current crisis of the middle east was thrown the bone that was needed to drive them forward. A total war was announced to destroy dictatorship and rid the world of slavery and bring it into the light.

An obvious retaliation by countries threatened by this and even those that although not ruled by a dictator were not Capitalist and so felt the looming threat made a shaky alliance to strike back at the west who's troops were on the move. Countries that had been harboring weapons of mass destruction aimed them at their closest enemy launching chemical warfare and radioactive missiles. Soul society in its desperation set itself into a state of emergency.

The Kidou corps, did its best to disrupt the attacks from the largest weapons that were claimed on the news by some as miss fires and others as successful sabotage. However some did impact their targets forcing large deaths. Many souls entering soul society all at once many more wondering their decimated cities as lost souls some bound so strong to turn into Hollow whilst others not so lucky as to be found or saved by teams of 7th and 11th shinigami were eaten by Hollow and turned into Hollow themselves.

Over the short months humans clashed as Hollows and Shinigami clashed often on the same battle field, what was a world war for humans was a war of souls for the Hollow. Dispatches and information gained though the years showed some places obviously decimated but with not a single soul to be found when Shinigami arrived. In the last year and a half Menos classes were becoming more frequent on the battle field cutting down many lower ranked shinigami that were not expecting them before as reports show absorbing all the dead soul sin the area at once.

Another noted aspect of the war through out the confrontation Hollow appeared organized even seeming to be at battle scenes long before the Shinigami arrived and each time growing stronger in number or in power.
What ever led these black troops was had a plan and it was working, the surge of souls at the beginning of the war had now turned into a trickle after four years... the balance was being destroyed.

Two months passed and the war still waged on missions for shinigami now carried a high mortality rate and were frequent in number. 7th and 11th were at the front line fighting the horde that appeared even in peaceful towns. The sighting of Arrancar also became more frequent often there seemed a struggle between evolved Menos and the Arrancar but Soul society could not find out what the reason for such behavior was.

In soul society the unrest in rukongai grew due to the sudden increase of souls at first there were few places left for them to stay and so many became gangs roaming the streets stealing and pillaging forcing whole districts to become desolate lands of gang wars, fear and panic then spread through these masses as news of the shinigami's struggle spread not even central 46 could cover up the troubles that lay ahead in the lives of the people of that world....

Break Down

6th division and 2nd division will be fighting in the rekon district stopping the roits started by arrcanar lead groups aka groups lead by Jekeala.

11th and 7th division will be fighting in the front lines in Hueco Mundo.

4th and 13th division will be aiding teh injured and backing up shinigami in all directions while protecting teh Seritei.
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