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PostSubject: Kidou List   Kidou List Icon_minitimeMon Nov 05, 2007 7:06 pm

Kidou Information

Bakudou no Ichi: Sai; meaning Binding Art #1: Obstruction, is a low level Kidou that forces the targets arms behind them, preventing them from using them. This spell is good for Shinigami that would prefer to restrain the opponent, but generally only works against weaker opponents.

Hadou no Yon: Byakurai; meaning Destructive Art #4: White Lightning, is a popular Kidou in which either a beam or bolt of white lightning is fired at the target. This is considered the most commonly used among all of the Kidou, as it's both fast and efficient. The strength of this varies from person to person.

Hadou no Sanjuu Ichi: Shakkahou; meaning Destructive Art #31: Red Flame Cannon, is a low level Kidou generally mastered by academy students, in which after a short chant your target is hit by an amber red explosion. A powerful Kidou if the explosion hits the target full on, and is basically a weaker but shorter version of Soukatsui.

Hadou no Sanjuu San: Soukatsui; meaning Destructive Art #33: Blue Fire Fall, is a blue surge of reiatsu fired at your target. Despite it's power, this Kidou is considered by many to be a low level Kidou due to it's simplicity. Although also very powerful, this Kidou however, requires a long chant before use if the user hasn't mastered it yet.

Chant: "O Lord, mask of flesh and bone, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of man, truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws!"

Hadou no Gojuu Yon: Haien; meaning Destructive Art #54: Waste Flame, is a medium level Kidou in which the Shinigami quickly fires a small, firey blast from their Zanpakutou, incinerating it's target on impact. This Kidou is very simple to use, as it requires no chants or concentration movements. It is effective in destroying relatively small objects quickly, but loses it's effectiveness the larger the target is.

Bakudou no Gojuu Hachi: Kakushi Tsuijyaku; meaning Binding Art #58: Picking Tose, Chasing Quail, is a medium level Kidou used by Shinigami for tracking purposes. While requiring a long chant to perform, the benefits of doing so more than compensate, as it is remarkably efficient at locating anyone with a high enough reiatsu to locate.

Chant: "Heart of the south, eye of the north, fingertips of the west, heel of the east, gather with the wind and scatter with the rain!"

Bakudou no Rokujuu Ichi: Rikujyoukourou; meaning Binding Art #61: Six Truncheon Light Prison, is an effective Kidou in which the opponent, once targeted; is restrained by concentrated reiatsu. This concentrated reiatsu applies pressure from six directions in order to restrain the opponent and potentially crush their bones.

Hadou no Rokujuu San: Raikouhou; meaning Destructive Art #63: Thunder Roar Cannon, is an incredibly powerful composite Kidou, containing both the piercing lighting affect of Byakurai, and the destructive force of Shakkahou. However, in order to produce the desired affect, one must have particularly strong and well concentrated reiatsu.

Chant: "Ye Lord, mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of man, Inferno and Pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on the south!"

Bakudou no Nanajuu Nana: Tenteikuura; meaning Binding Art #77: Heaven's Fortress, is a medium level Kidou used by Shinigami for communication. Upon completing the chant, the user may instantly deliver a message to any person he or she wishes, provided that the user can sense the target.

Chant: "Black and white net! Twenty two bridges, sixty six crown strings, footprints, distant thunders, mountain peaks, valleys, night shadows, cloud sea, cyan line! Fill up the circle and zoom to the edges of the sky!"

Hadou no Kyuujuu: Kurohitsugi; meaning Destructive Art #90: Black Sarcophagus, is an overwhelmingly powerful Kidou that contains the opponent within a large, black box that slowly breaks apart. The black energy slashes at the opponent many times as it separates from it's original box shape. Using it often results in death for anyone but the toughest of opponents. However, this move requires reiatsu and concentration beyond the level of Taichou. Also, it should be noted that if one does not perform the chant correctly, the Hadou is considerably weaker.

Bakudou no Kyuujuu Kyuu: Kin; meaning Binding Art #99: Restraint, is a binding spell that restrains your opponent much like with Sai, but is a strengthened version that creates a physical binding as well as a spiritual binding. This Kidou is unique in the way that it comes in stages (the three songs of type 2, Bankin), each one binding more intensely than the last. However, this Kidou requires intense concentration.

Reiatsu Concentration Movements

For Bakudou no Ichi: Sai, have one of your fists clenched, with the exception of your middle and index fingers, which should be fully extended and pointing upwards. Concentrate your reiatsu to the tip of your fingers, and then make a horizontal or diagonal slashing motion across your target.

For Hadou no Yon: Byakurai, point directly at your target, with your hand positioning and reiatsu concentration similar to that of Sai, except with your fingertips pointing towards the target. However, instead of slashing, release the reiatsu from your fingertips. If you're having trouble with this, use your other arm to support the firing arm.

For Hadou no Sanjuu Ichi: Shakkahou, after saying the short chant, hold your Zanpakutou in front of your face, with the blade completely horizonal. Place your other hand in front of the blade, and channel your energy from the Zanpakutou to the other hand, and then release.

For Hadou no Sanjuu San: Soukatsui, after performing the necessary chant, place your flat palm; with your thumb slightly tucked in, in front of your face with your arm fully extended. The moment you do this, force as much of your energy as you're willing to give straight to that palm. Like with Byakurai, if you're having trouble, hold your firing arm.

For Bakudou no Gojuu Hachi: Kakushi Tsuijyaku, form the appropriate symbols on the ground, then force your hands against that ground, letting your reiatsu flow from your arms, through your hands and into the symbol. If performed succesfully, numbers indicating location will appears.

For Bakudou no Rokujuu Ichi: Rikujyoukourou, after the relatively long chant, simply point at your opponent and focus reiatsu to the tip of your finger. If you have performed the Kidou correctly, the reiatsu can be seen visibly dispersing horizontally from your finger.

For Bakudou no Nanajuu Nana: Tenteikuura, you must first place markings on your arms to allow for this channeling method. The markings must be in the shape of a horizontal line followed by a connecting vertical line, followed by a connecting horizontal line, and so forth for the whole length of the arm. Extend both arms out with palms flat, then move both hands to indicate the directions you wish to send the message, finally returning the hands to their previous position.

For Hadou no Kyuujuu: Kurohitsugi, as you perform the long chant, place one of your hands in front of you with your palm facing up, but also extend your fingers up slightly, as if you were holding something. Focus your reiatsu to your hand, and visualise a shape that looks like the letter "S" with an inverse "S" below it, each one about beginning about half of the way into the other, but not touching each other. Concentrate until that shape is manifested above your hand. Then, visualise the opponent contained within a black sarcophagus, and focus.

For Bakudou no Kyuujuu Kyuu: Kin, sit down in a meditative state and press your palms together, with your fingertips pointing upwards. Then bend all of your fingers so that they touch the alternate hand with the exception of your middle and index fingers. Bend your middle fingers so that they touch each other behind your index fingers. Concentrate all your reiatsu vaguely on the hand seal you have just made, and make the reiatsu flow constant at all times.

All of these i got from other rp's i give credit to them all though i had to edit and such they exist from them. Also all of the bleach kidou's are up there the new ones are down here.

Number #1: Sudden Impact

Description: The Shinigami places both hands in front of him to release a strong blast of air. No incantation required.
Incantation (japanese): "Happa no jutsu, Daiichi: Totsuzen no Eikyou!!"
Incantation (english): "Blasting spell, the First: Sudden Impact!!"

Number #2: Hikari no Mekurumeku (Blinding Light)

Description: This art does just what it says, blinding its target with a brilliant flare of white light. It is useless as anything but a short distraction or to create a short breather.
Incantation: "The angel guarding the gates of ****! Draw your sword and set it aflame, illuminate those within the darkness! Blasting Spell, the Second: Hikari no Mekurumeku!"

Number #8: Kutsuunomaru (Circle of Pain)

Description: This art creates a shining circle of yellow around the feets of the target, destroying very weak spirits instantly, causing great pain to spirits up to lower medium power and causing light discomfort to anything stronger.
Incantation: "The eye of the great dragon! Come before me, seeker of torment, lord of endings! Cast thy sight and pass thy judgement! Blasting Spell, the Eighth: Kutsuunomaru!"

Number #9: Shotgun

Description: creating an orb of energy either in one or both hands, the ball then explodes while its in still located in the hand, the explosion is only in one direction as the energy disperses into a spread of energy, creating a shotgun effect. This attack is more effective against multiple opponents rather than one, since it covers a large area
Incantation: "From the light above I summon thy power, to strike down my enemy in a blast of holy light, blasting spell the ninth, Shotgun!"

Number #19: The Scorching

Description: A fire based spell in which the user focuses his spirit pressure into the molecules surrounding the target, and superheats them. Upon will (usually by closing his fist or snapping his fingers), the activity of the molecules increase drastically and cause a chain reaction, exploding instantly and damaging the target.
Incantation: unknown

Number #20: Reeling Touch

Description: Touching the target with your middle and index finger sends them reeling, falling, or flying in the direction you push them. Distance pushed is dependent on your spiritual power, and that of the targets. Since Ayame is a Captain, Reeling touch may send a target falling or flying for 50-60 feet, if she concentrates to use this art to the best of her ability, Aya will use this art to create space between her and her target.

Incantation: unknown

Number #25: Earth Breaker

Description: By placing their hand flat on the ground, a Shinigami then releases energy into the very earth which travels underground to below their target. This energy can then be directed to follow the target while their hand is still connected to the earth. Upon removing their hand, the energy spikes up in a huge explosion that bursts out from the earth.
Incantation: "From the depths of the earth I call forth destruction, to attack thy enemy through the ground which they stand, blasting spell the twenty-fifth Earth Breaker!"

Number #76: Hayate Gakuzento (Hurricane Terror)

Description: The user focuses their spiritual energy into the wind around them. They force it to go into a sphere around them and pump power into it. The wind picks up and makes a powerful shield that works defensive and offensive. Can deflect any and all projectiles, unless states otherwise. The user may literally explode the move, which causes a ripple effect (The users forces the sphere of wind to break, making the winds go opposite directions at high speeds. This is used as a quick defense against multiple opponents, otherwise is left alone.
Incantation: unknown

Number #30: Marikodos (Chaos Rain)

Description: This art creates thousands of tiny blades to fall from the sky. The blades are so small they could be mistaken for rainfall and often a target is attacked before he realizes it. The area of effect is relatively small, but once inside that area it is near impossible to deflect.
Incantation: unknown

Number #35: Tenken (Sword of Heaven)

Description: This spell is about as big and flashy as they come below the sixties. Meaning, of course, that if you use it, everyone knows where you are. Worse, it can be easy to dodge, if you recognize that it's coming. But if you don't... This spell summons a straight long sword, about eight feet long, made of pure Kidoh that falls from the sky and pierces the spell's target through. It takes one or two seconds from the time the incantation is complete for the sword to cross the space from heaven to earth (depending on how much the target moves.) The sword is capable of "homing" on its target, but it can't track more than fifty feet away from its original target point. The sword can easily be shaken by Shyunpo, dodging just before impact, or just by running into a building (not so much a dodge, but it prevents the person getting hit.) A person failing to dodge, on the other hand, is skewered like Mongolian barbeque.
Incantation: unknown

Number #46: Tatsugaze (Dragon Gale)
Used by: Sakuraski Ryusuke, Ibuki Koja, Katsu Kayane
Description: By placing both hands together with the open palms facing out, A silvery golden orb of energy is created. IN a sudden blast of Hurricane winds, traces of golden and silver dragons can be seen dancing and soaring through the channel. The Wind is strong enough to blow a parked car into the air and toss it a few feet away. It has a wide area of effect and has a high chance to hit, and because of its strength it will drain a fair amount of energy to cast. This is an attack that is meant to blow a target away or simply clear and area of debris.
Incantation (full version): "Spirits of the wind of the northern sky
The glare of a dragon's serpent eye
I summon you both to unite the winds
To excel the power that I give in.

Cry of the wolf, howl of the night
Sing the notes to the flowers height
Use them together in this fight
To clear a path of unclear sight
Hear the legends of an untold tale
Fear the blast of the Dragon Gale!

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PostSubject: Re: Kidou List   Kidou List Icon_minitimeMon Nov 05, 2007 7:08 pm

Demon Art of Blasting: number forty-six: Tatsugaze (Dragon Gale)"

Number #84: Ikijigoku (Hell on Earth)

Description: This destructive art incinerates the moisture inside and outside of the target, boiling it alive. It is neither nice to watch nor easy to cast, draining its user quite a bit but can destroy most hollows up to the Menos-Medio class.
Incantation: "By the fires of Gehenna, burning bright! The claw from the beyond, tearing away the light of existance! Blasting Spell, the fourty-ninth: Ikijigoku!"

From here on are the binding spell's.

Number #1: Obstruction

Description: A simple Demon Art that doesn't require any more of an incantation then the spell's name itself. Places the equivilant of spiritual ropes around the target, and ties up their hands especially. Unfortunately, this restraint won't hold long against a significant level of Spirtual Pressure, and it needs to be activated from a close range.

Number #6: Kanashibari ('Bind'; temporary feeling of paralysis)

Description: This spell is simple and restrains the victim's hand and foot with invisible thin-like threads that cut into your skin with pressure of movement. Breakable by a strong fortitude of spiritual energy from a Zanpaku-to.

Number #10: Everlasting Grudge

Description: By utilizing the power of gravity, this demon art literally doubles the weight of the victim being targeted. Although the victim is capable of movement, albeit very sluggishly, speed enhancement techniques such as Shyunpa are nullified. However, this spell can easily be countered by exerting a strong spiritual pressure around one's body.
Incantation: "You weigh the souls of humanity, Judicator, and separate the just from the wicked. None shall escape from justice. Binding art number ten, Everlasting Grudge."

Number #13: Sorainju - Sky Ribbon

Incantation: "Heed to my call O' great stewards of the sky and seek this corrupt reward I provide."

Hand Gesture: Stretch hands to sides, parallel to ground and straight as a line with shoulders.

Bring hands together after incantation in the direction of the target. Palms pressed together.

Description: Creating materializes bond that look like ribbons around and opponent, the Ribbons instantly constrict the Opponent and wraps around the body tightly.

Number #21: Lightning Paralysis (Raiden's Trap)

Description: A lightning based spell in which the user applies spirit pressure onto the molecules surrounding his arm and supercharges them. The supercharged molecules are then launched from the user's hand and wrap around the target. Not only does this restrict movement by paralyzing the target's muscles and joints, but it periodically sends electrical jolts through their body as well.

Number #24: Chains of Air

Description: Whisps of air form into thousands of nearly invisible chains which seek to bind and restrict the target. The strength of this ability is very limited, and could be broken easilly by most seated shinigami (or hollows of equivalent strength). This ability is designed more to distract the target rather than confine it.

Number #43: Hikangoku (Ice Prison)

Description: By freezing the moisture in the air around the enemy, the user creates manacles of ice that grasp around the ankles and wrist of the enemy and bind them together. The ice, of course, is super natural and is stronger the steel.

Number #50: Sokubaku (Shackles)

Description: This demon art denies any and all movement of the targets arms and feets, binding them together at the back of the target's back.
Incantation: "Come forth from the between! Lords of the eight directions, take the gift bestowed by thy benevolence away! Let anger swell in thy chest and let this worm writhe without hope! Binding Spell, the fiftieth: Sokubaku!"

Number #52: Bara no Kabi (Cage of Roses)

Description: Creates a Tight cage of super hard plants which blossom into roses, not to mention it has thorns. Characters of Demon arts, appeared and faded as Ryusuke wrote them, 'Len''Kei''Dan''Cho''Lan'
Incantation: "Life of the earth, Tears of the heavens, Come together here To hear my plea. Grow together, Mingle, Unite,
Form a bond that evil cannot fight. Grow into a mighty bond
That will hold thy enemy. Plants of the earth, Vines of a tree, Grow together to form The Rose bond Green!

Demon Art Binding Spell #52 : Baranokabin (Cage of Roses)"

Number #89: Kouchinomaru (Circle of Confinement)

Description: Basically, this spell erects a spherical barrier of immense strenght around the target, denying any form of movement inside of it and even dissipating most attacks up to a captain powerlevel. negates the reiatsu of anyone inside of it, making it only breakable from an outside force by the initial creator

Incantation: "The eternal gates, block the way! Deny thy gift and twist the ground! Grasp firmly, lock yourself and never let go! The supreme prison, the ender of pathways! Binding Spell, the eighty-ninth: Kouchinomaru!"

Negation: Negation is not a kidou but a anti kidou attack.

By adding equal or greater reaitsu into this attack the shinigami can launch a green orb that attacks the user's kidou and disables it.

Thank you and if you have any questions on if you can use certain ones or would like to learn a certain one please send me a pm and i would be more then happy to teach you.

Added Negation to the roster. It is pending an ok from Yachiru but has been okayed by Zoey. Do not use until this message is gone thank you.

Kisai Ken (Flaming Blade)

This kidou caused your sword to emit intese heat up to 500 degree's farenheit. In the use of such heat it will dimishe ones reaitsu until mastered.

Hagane Sukin (Steel Skin)

Turn's the user's skin as hard as the strongest steel for 30 second's. Uses a decent amount of reaitsu to low user's.

Butsuriteki kengen zoukyou! (Physical Power Increase!)

Increases the user's physical strength speed and agility according to amoutn of reaitsu placed into the kidou. Maximum is 300% for 30 second's. If used will drain an extensive amount of reaitsu and will either make the user pass out after use or go into comatose for up to 12 hour's. User's who have mastered kidou and other reaitsu componet's will not be hurt as badly but will not be able to carry on at 100%.

New kidou more to come.
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Kidou List
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