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 The 13th Divison Rules

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Jace Beleren

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The 13th Divison Rules Empty
PostSubject: The 13th Divison Rules   The 13th Divison Rules Icon_minitimeTue Nov 06, 2007 9:02 am

A large poster sits On the doors to enter the 13th Divion. On is is a list of rules that state what every shinigami must follow when in this divison.

The rules of this divison are set up by Jace and are subject to change when ever changeds are needed.

No fighting in this divison unless justified by Jace. The fight will then be held in an area where there will be minimal damage.

Bankai and shikai can on be used by the Captain and vice captain of the 13th divison.

Kidou is only to be used in the kidou range.

All books that are in the libary should be left in the libary unless asking for permission from Jace to remove the book for a certain amount of time. When allowed to remove books from the libary they are to be returned to Jace not the libary its self.

Damaging property of the 13th divison will not be tolerated and will be replace ASAP by the person who did it. (There are special cases where this will be ignored.)

Faliure to follow will lead to a bane from the divison for temporary time and continuess breaking will lead to a permenant one.
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The 13th Divison Rules
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