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 The 13th Divison

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Jace Beleren


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PostSubject: The 13th Divison   Tue Nov 06, 2007 9:13 am

The 13th Divison
This is the divison of research and kidou
Vice Captain:Bhavahara
3rd Seat:Mika
5th seath:open
(Anyone who wishes to join this divison please PM me so I can know what your aiming for. Its really weird when people randomly show up and say they joined.)

The 13th Divison is a fairly opened area. Houses are all located next to each toehr for a the sake of space.

A large Feild is found next to the living space. That is the Kidou range. The feild strechs from the living area all the way to the other end of the divison. It is covered in trees and many other things to help test kidou to see how to use it best in certain situations.

To the left of the feild is a large building that is about quarter as long as the feild is. this is the labtory to test new kidou with out having to do them out side so they can keep it from causing a trouble. the place is covered witha barriar to hide spirit pressure to not bother the other divisons with increased spirit power.

To the right of the feild is a building the same legth as the lab. It has about 6 stories to it. This is the libary of the divison. It contains many books about kidou as well as many other books about the soul society.

The rest of the space to the left of the feild is a training area where shinigami can train kidou aganist each other. the place changes with many different structures located in it to adjust the way they fight. this area can only be used with permission from the captain of the 13th Divison.

The rest of the space on the right is storage buildings and a confreance room for members of the 13th Divison.
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The 13th Divison
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