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 Dark Desert Rules and ranks

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Dark Desert Rules and ranks Empty
PostSubject: Dark Desert Rules and ranks   Dark Desert Rules and ranks Icon_minitimeTue Nov 06, 2007 9:32 am

*the rules are in red*
it's where the Arrancar are at-
It's a large rang of sand, desert-buildings-and training grounds.

Building one-
Arrancar Hall-
Dead in the middle of Dark Desert-

It's where most of the Arrancar members would be found in when they have meetings.
Only 9-19 arrancar members are not allowed to be in without a higher lever arrancar if you are 8 and up then you may enter without an higher level *duh*

Building Two-
Arrancar rooms-
It's on the right side of the main building-
This building is two stories high and has about over 300 rooms. (it's as big as about 5 malls with basements)

i would really like it if you didn't fight in here, that makes my job easier so that I don't have to clean up after you guys. But first floor 1-30 second floor 30-end of course there are food and stuff in this building no food fights lol Razz

Building Three-
found behind the main building-

It is one story high with an underground lap under the study area. the study area is as big as six libraries together.and the lap is three times as big.
yea big no no on fighting in here, also unless flame...or vamp says that you are an lab person nobody but 1-8 may go in. unless you are asked by one of those eight then yea you may go in.

Study there is no fighting. You go there to study about your enemies.

Building four-
Left side of the main building, attached-
it's located under ground-

it's where they hold the prisionors, it can hold about 200 hundred people one in each cell

1-8 are allowed in the cells where shinigami are held in.

the rest are only allowed in the cells where the other Arrancar who have done something bad

Training grounds-

it's where you may fight, and train with each other.
no spamming
No control over other members
must rp with everybody *just b-c i don't want anybody feeling like they are left out*
try to put on where you are at so that other members can find you *cause i don't want anybody to be confused*
have fun

no complaining
well you know the rest
As you can see Flame has already posted the ranks and stuff on http://bleachdynasty.forumotion.com/general-information-f1/
but me who is bored and wants you all to see it well here it is-
1. Lehava
2. Jekeala

3. Mirial
4.Tai *used for the SS arc np*
5. Marcus *used for the SS arc np*
6. *seats aren't open yet*
7. Razzy*used for the arc hw npc*
8. James*used for the arc hw npc*

9. Christina*used for the arc hw npc*
10. X *used for the arc SS npc*
11. Angelis *used for the arc SS npc*
12. Nicholas *used for the arc SS npc*

13. Trever *used for the arc SS npc*
14. Sakura *used for the arc SS npc*
15. Sai *used for the arc SS npc*
16. Abby*used for the arc hw npc*
17. Kit*used for the arc hw npc*
18. Phun*used for the arc hw npc*
Unknown numbered Arrancar-
Jason *used for the arc SS npc*
Tonya *used for the arc SS npc*
Alexa *used for the arc HW npc*
Alley *used for the arc SS npc*
Cotu *used for the arc HW npc*
Ari *used for the arc HW npc*

I talked with flame and he said at the moment there are only going to be three bad guys. Of course Katie and I got picked *sighs* i don't have a problem with it. Oh yea & Razzy he too got picked.

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Posts : 111
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Dark Desert Rules and ranks Empty
PostSubject: Arrancar Information for those who want 2 be one-   Dark Desert Rules and ranks Icon_minitimeThu Nov 08, 2007 7:14 pm

For those who want to be an Arrancar-
I just thought that i should post this telling you all what is going to happen.After the arc is done in soul soceity i will give those who are wanting to be an arrancar a name, since Katie and I talked about it she has already gotten the names into the next arc that she has to post by tomorrow.

After the arc in soul soceity is done and the arc in the human world is done i will post in this telling you all what number is opened and the name.

Also-the same rules apply for anybody who thinks that they want to sign up for it. i am on Jack_cook_02@yahoo.com all day just you know im me and talk to me and i'll see. Since Katie (vampires-lover) and I are the bosses to the Arrancar's group. I just thought to tell you all in this form on which opening will be opened and stuff.

For now, there is one opening but it will not be fully opened until after the arc's are done.

Rules to make an Arrancar-

One- you must put on your Sign -Up Applications on what division you were from and what seat. No more vice captains.

Two- you must put where your hole is and where your mask is

three- use this link to get the kidou used for arrancars, use the regular kidou that you were using when you were in the division

Four- you must put on where it says shikai your form, and what the release form is, if you need to know what to do just look at
http://bleachdynasty.forumotion.com/accepted-applications-f4/lehava-t14.htm it should answer most of your questions

Five- you must have a picture of your person so that i know what they look like

Six- tell me where your number is

that's about it, well i'll re post when there's another opening for somebody. AGAIN YOU MUST WAIT UNTIL THE ARCS ARE DONE IN ORDER TO GET THE OPENING THAT YOU WANTED!

nobody will be accepted until all the arcs are done, you may make it and wait, and wait until thee arcs are done to see if they are accepted or not. i give the okay on that, the okay is- you may make a char but you will not be able to use it until the arc is done and when I post asking for people to meet with me

thanks again


Openings if i am ever aloud to have more people be arrancars Smile

6. doesn't have an espada to go with them (all alone Sad *
11. Angelis he fought with blue's char & died of mercury
13. Trever ran away from his battle & scott killed him
14. Sakura she was used for the Soul Soceity arc and was killed by Marcus. She fought Zelkova.
15. Sai punished for not completeing her mission
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Dark Desert Rules and ranks
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