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 6th Division Rules and Information

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Note: None of these rules are more important than another.
Any of these laws may be tweaked at any given time. New laws may be added, and old laws may be removed. Check in regularly so as to be sure that you are operating within the bounds of the laws of Soul Society.

6th Division
Law Enforcement/Peacekeeping

Taichou: Rykou Kuchiki
Fukutaichou: Leo
3rd Seat: Yami
4th Seat: Hatashi Munta
5th Seat:
6th Seat:

The 6th Division prides itself on the safety of Soul Society and the area’s surrounding it. All members of this division are at the top of their game, ready to give their all to ensure safety of others, as well as secure Soul Society as a whole. Laws are not fickle, and neither are 6th Division members.

Bankai is permissable to the Taichou and the Fukutaichou. Shikai is granted through the Sixth seat. Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth seat must be granted permission by either the Taichou or the Fukutaichou and must receive special training

As decreed by the 1st Division Taichou:
Shikai is only permissible if a Taichou and/or Fukutaichou permits it, It is used in the training grounds of that division in a reaitsu dampening area and/or the need genuinely calls for it. If Shikai is used without permission, it will be debated by the Taichou of the 6th Division and the Taichou of the offending Shinigami's Division on whether it was for an acceptable reason.
Bankai is only acceptable by Taichous or Fukutaichous within their respective Division's training grounds. Otherwise, it is completely banned within the whole of Soul Society and beyond unless the 1st Division Taichou decrees a War-Time Order.

Never fight outside of a sanctioned battle contained within either a Division's Training Grounds, General Training Grounds or the Academy's Training Grounds.*

Do not cause loud ruckus after lights out, which is designated by the closure of Academy classes daily. Further training may take place within designated Training Grounds with permission.

All seated Shinigami are to be treated with formal respect when met outside of training. No seat is more important than another. Informality is allowed inside of training if requested by the ranked Shinigami.

Ignorance to the law is unacceptable.

All infractions of the law are to be reported immediately to the 6th Division. From there, it will be determined what is the appropriate action to take. No exceptions.

* It is required to have permission from a Taichou from any division that the Academy is clear of students who could be harmed. Students are welcome to the Training Grounds at any time, but a Shinigami of 4th Seat level or higher must witness their battles. However, they still require permission from a Shinigami of at least Fukutaichou level. Battles involving Bokkens are the exception to this, and no seated shinigami are required to be present

Laws of the 6th Division:
1. Unless you are there to see the taichou or fuku-taichou, you are to wait in the front area for a 6th division memeber that you are there to see.

2. Unless you are accompanied by a member of the 6th division, People are not allowed to venture outside of the front area.

3. If you are seen without a member of the 6th division, and there is no 6th division, visitor, student, or normal, badge in your possession, you will be arrested and questioned immediately. Further action will be used if nesseccary

The Dormitories: This is where the division's Shinigami sleep. Two shinigami to a room, with desks and closets for both. There is a lounge so that the Shinigami can Socialize and enjoy their time off. Seated officers below Fukutaichou stay in here as well, but in sparate, bigger rooms that contain a larger desk for reports and paperwork, as well as one to a room. Bathrooms are located to the rear of the dorms.

Cafeterias: Located near the entrance and the dormitories of each section, this is an area for shinigami to eat and recharge their batteries. It is open to all shinigami, including those not in the 6th Division. Each can hold 100+ people with ease, and feed even more.

Officers Meeting Room: Area where the seated officers eat their meals, as well as have meetings to discuss plans and problems.

Training Grounds: There are two sections to this, one inside and the other outside. Here 6th Division Shinigami, as well as potential 6th Division Shinigami are taught in the ways of Policing, Peace Keeping, and Investigations. This includes the basics, and later advanced tactics, of hand-to-hand combat, and also a general work of mastery over their own abilities. Training takes place both inside and outside. The inside one has reaitsu dampening walls, for shi-kai training, if need be. The outside training grounds have a track and an obstacle course, as well as targets and dummies.

The Holding Cells: These cells are where prisoners are sent for detainment until they are sentenced . There is another set of Holding Cells underground for the worst offenders and those that are serving life sentences

Interrogation Room: This is where the prisoners are taken to be questioned after arrest.

Zen Garden: A place for relaxation and meditaion. All division shinigami welcome, others need permission from a seated officer before entering.

Taichou/ Fukutaichou Offices: Where the taichou and fukutaichou hold private meetings. paperwork is also done in here.

Taichou/ Fukutaichou Rooms: Small, single bedroom, bathroom houses in the coupound at the edge of the garden.

Personal Training Grounds: The only place on the division that allows the use of ban-kai for training, as well as learning. Only the taichou and Fukutaichou are allowed inside, others require permission from either to train in there.

Zen Garden: Used for meditation and relaxation.

Communications Center:This is a special area specific to the 6th Division. Lines connecting all divisions run through this central location and are kept open for only the most important situations. Panic alarms can be used here to signal disasterous emergency. Signalling to only 6th division members are also allowed here.

**All buildings have an underground area incase of an attack on the division.
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6th Division Rules and Information
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