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 7th Division Information

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PostSubject: 7th Division Information   7th Division Information Icon_minitimeTue Nov 06, 2007 6:00 pm

7th Division Information 800px7thdivisionjp5

Taichou- Zelkova
Fukutaichou- Jon
3rd seat- Kiyo Takamine
4th seat-
5th seat-

The 7th division is based upon the foundation of physical training and the art of war, it is a stronghold of determination, and finesse of the body, where shinigami souly concerntrate on strength and physical ability, keenly studying the art of war, it's true purpose is to breed shinigami who do not rely on Kidou, Reiatsu, but their own warrior mentality, their insticts, their bodies durability, all of the things which make up a strong both mental and physical, warrior.
beyond the cascading walls shinigami do not enter to gain knowledge of kidou, or reiatsu training methods, they look only to the way of the warrior, building up their ability in the art of the body, strenghtening their mental resolve, their entire world is shaped around these teachings, the 7th is a division of true champions.

The Division honor code:
1)No aiding a fighter in the middle of a match
2)No fighting outside of the sparring ring, but if the Taichou didn't see it, it didn't happen.
3)No disobeying orders
4)No Reiatsu or Kidou usage unless permitted
All those found inbreach of the rules will be accordingly punished by the Taichou, or a Seated officer, physical punishment will be a certianty

Skills of 7th Division:
Upon entering the division and becoming a Shinigami, you will learn many different techniques, ranging from combat ability using ones body, to battle and survival technique.
1) Physical and Mental endurance: Torture, to put it simply, both physical and mental, a strong mind and body is a key part of a warriors true power.
2) Combat affectiveness: Testing and training of ones ability in a war situation, basically training how one handles a situation where he/she is outnumbered incredibly, and left alone.
3) Warfare tactics: The many skills and abilities one will need to truely push themselves to 100% during any combat situation, or intime of war.
4) Survival: The title says it all.
5) Stamina and agressive climate training: the training of ones ability to brave harsh and agressive climates, such as heavy hail storms, rocky mountian sides, and the building of ones stamina.
Due to the majority of the advanced training which will take place, the rest is held in secret to only the Taichou, and those who take part in it.

General Description of the Division from the out side:
The 7th Division is held in very close proximity to the 2nd, from the outside, nothing but huge mountainouse stone walls can be seen, a rectangular fort sits in the center of a field, an ice cold moat runs around the outside, clinging to the walls as it flows in a never ending cycle, huge ironclad gates seal the insides away from inspecting eyes,the Nanabantai symbol framed across it as a bridge made from a raw metal branches over the waters below leading up to this, crude pikes extending from its sides.

Description of the forts coutryard
Within the outer walls of the division, lays the huge expanse of a courtyard, the ground a pale dirt the occasional pebble or stone rooted into it, in the center sits a barracks like building, the white stone square shaped fortification surrounded by pikes and crude metalic points, extending from the lower reaches of the wall, up and out as if it's defending from some unseeable enemy, the doors a simple rusty iron framework.
Although, this building is not all which sits inside this forts walls, countless opentop rooms lay amongst the area, each serving a different purpose.
Coutryard training rooms:

Zanjutsu and battle technique training rooms: Three of these are spread out around different locations within the coutryard, each holding a different purpose, inside one, metalic training dummies readied for sword and hand to hand training, in another, gymnastic type equipment, for practicing body movement and flexability, in the last something unAxel like, a lecture type room, a simple chalk board at the end, and hard wooden seats, a place for the agressive Captian to verse his shinigami on battle ability and tactics.

Endurance and Stamina training rooms: These rooms are many, amongst them, different impliments used for increasing ones physical endurance and stamina, punching bags covered with hard bolts and crude spikes and many other things like it, running tracks covered in hard ball laced layers, for shinigami to run bearfoot on, both a freezer and a heater room, for Shinigami to enhance their bodies ability to handle different temperature types.

Physical excercise training rooms: These rooms are abundent with a wide range of excercise equipment, weights, tredmills, even a swimming pool, each built specifically to train and tone a shinigamis body.

Coutryard expanse: The rest of the courtyard, is used for various things, from roll call, up to organising and taking place of special in division events, a small arena sits in one corner for sparring and organised fights, the majority of the couryard is left unused for future planning and building upon.
Division Barracks building rooms:

Sleeping and living quarters:All of the shinigami within the 7th, live and sleep toghether in a military style, from the seated to the captian, no one is treated with any higher regards when it comes down to living pleasures, each getting a small bed, a footlocker, and a wardrobe, the shinigami of the 7th live as one.

Mess hall: Inside the barracks is a cantine, to serve the shinigami with their needed vitamins, and daily supliments, to keep them going day in and day out.

Captians room: A room usable only for the captian to file paper work, it's a simple small box room, a desk, and nothing more then a simple window overlooking the coutryard, all 7th members are treated the same in regards of living habbit, although this is not the same for rank.

Underground complex description: Beneath the upper courtyard and barracks, a simple door strengthened and only accesable by 7th division shinigami leads down from the above world, and into the complex below, a long corridor is visible, light by murky flame torches, countless rooms and other corridors branching from next to next, some rooms small in size, others huge, but each bound shut by a strong door, unbreakable by anyone below that of Fukutaichou level, the many different types of both physical and mental specialist training which takes place amidst the dark corridors and rooms, is highly secretive.

The door of warrior spirit: No one but Axel himself knows what lies beyond this door, it sits at the very end of the main tunnel which runs through the underground complex, artwork of two swords clashing toghether, one engulfed in yellow the other white sits etched into the surface of the dark metalic slab, a door of strength, that those of only Taichou level can break beyond

Both Shikai and Bankai are permissable to use on the grounds, but only in offical spars in the courtyard arena, they are encouraged to be used, any rank may learn the two, but they must obtain permission from the Taichou in order to.
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7th Division Information
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