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 1st Division Information

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PostSubject: 1st Division Information   Wed Nov 07, 2007 4:32 pm

Ichibantai 1st Division

Welcome to the 1st division. Home of the Sotaichou (Captain Commander) Hayao Munchi

Sotaichou Hayao Munchi (NPC)
3rd seat-
4th seat-
5th seat-
6th seat-

In the 1st division everyone is very serious about their duty as a Shinigami. Their main concern is putting an end to all hollow activity in all dimensions as well as the arrancar who have recently been popping up. When we say leadership we don't mean we lead you around a forest with a map or some shit like that we're talking about issuing orders to the 13 divisions and holding top secret information that would otherwise be made public we also have the authority to issue wartime orders which ultimately means every taichou and fuku-taichou or any shinigami with the ability has permission to use bankai anywhere in soul society if it is needed.


Consequences will be severe if members or shinigami found in the building are caught breaking any of the following rules. Action will be taken immediately.

- Attacking a fellow shinigami during war time.
- Releasing your zanpaktou by the first divisions sacred meeting areas
- extensive property damage
- Ignoring orders from a higher ranking officer
- Turning your back on your subordinates in times of need

Shinigami caught doing the above will be reprimanded and dealt with accordingly. Consequences vary on the crime, from simple upkeep of the division to jail time to physical punishment. The Sotaichou will deal with all criminals accordingly


Taichou Office- Where taichous gather when the Sotaichou calls a taichou meeting. Also the place where all orders are given and dicisions are made through out the Soul Soceity. The place also where missons are given and briefings are heard. All problems are brought before the Sotaichou here.
Fuku-taichou Office Where all Vice Captains meet when meetings are called. Orders are given and mission briefings are explained here.

Training grounds- Four outside training grounds are available for opened use to all shinigami among the 13 divisions. Please respect the terrain and your fellow shinigami using it. If there is a problem, fight it out.

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1st Division Information
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