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 4th Division Itroduction READ IT!

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PostSubject: 4th Division Itroduction READ IT!   4th Division Itroduction READ IT! Icon_minitimeMon Nov 05, 2007 9:04 pm

Welcome to the 4th division.

Taichou: Ebonvarli
Fukutaichou: Saphira
Third Seat: Rakagei ketsugo
Seated Shinigami: Saya Otonashi
Unseated Shinigami:

The 4th Division is a Medical/Supply Division. Shinigami under this
division learn various medications, their uses, and basically--how to
heal the wounded. Once students from the Shinigami Academy graduate and
have been placed in this division, the ridiculous and rigorous training
will begin. Seated shinigami are appointed by both the taichou and
fukutaichou(Sometimes) as they see fit. One last important piece of
information, only the taichou, fukutaichou, and the third seat may
obtain bankai. The other seated shinigami may obtain shikai once both
the taichou and fukutaichou agree that he/she is ready. We have days
off on wednesdays. Only the Taichou, Fukutaichou, and other seated
shinigami are on duty.

Shinigami are expected to behave perfectly as the division is similar to a hospital.

Sections of the 4th Division:

The Council Room -

This room is where the Taichou and Fukutaichou hold formal meetings
with both seated Shinigami of the Fourth Division as well as delegates
from other Divisions. This room is off-limits to all Shinigami below
tenth seat.

The Office Area -

Located near the front entrance of the Division, there are two
hallways, one leading to the hospital area and one leading to the rest
of the division. In front of the one leading to the hospital area is
the Taichou's personal office, and in front of the path leading to the
rest of the division is the Fukutaichou personal office.

The Hospital Wing -

This is the largest area of the Division and is basically a hospital.
There are multiple rooms for both surgery as well as a recovery, and
also rooms meant for diagnosis. Most of the Fourth Shinigami can be
found in this area at any given time.

The Laboratory/Supply Room -

This area is meant to develop and export medical items for the sake of
the betterment of Shinigami. The laboratory area is used to research
and create salves and other medical concoctions that can help heal or
relieve pain in Shinigami. The supply room holds these finished
products until they are needed.

The Examination Room -

The Examination Room is a training area for Shinigami, both physical
and mentally. It is a "mock" hospital area, nearly identical to the
actually hospital wing in order to prepare Fourth Shinigami for the
real jobs they will have upon being seated or being needed. Most
training given by higher ranking division members to lower ones will
take place in this area.

The Dining Hall -

This is the social hub of the fourth division, where Shinigami can come
to eat as well as talk to each other during their off hours. There is
an abundance of differing food products, as well as special drinks
offered by the fourth division solely meant to energize the mind of

The Resting Quarters -

The "barracks" of the fourth division, split into areas for both the
seated and unseated Shinigami. The Taichou and Fukutaichou have their
own separate quarters located on both ends of the resting area.

The Garden and the Greenhouse -

Located in the back of the division, the garden and greenhouse are
where the numerous plants and herbs used in medical practice are grown.
The area is open to all shinigami, including those unseated and not in
the fourth division. However, if any plants are removed or harmed
without permission, the punishment will be incredibly brutal.

Courtyard -

This is the physical training area for the fourth division. Not many
fourth Shinigami are known for their fighting prowess, but the few who
are developed their skills in this area. Such as the eleventh division,
the the flooring of the courtyard is meant to see to it that passerbys
are not effected by high levels of reiatsu. Spiritual pressure,
however, is still a problem, and as such fourth seat and above may not
release too much reiatsu in the courtyard.

The Slanted Room -

The library of the fourth division. This area is meant for studying as
well as researching information. It is the "other" social hub for the
fourth division, and one of the few where it is highly likely that a
lower ranked Shinigami can meet and converse with a higher ranking

Special Room-

A room with unknown properties and contents, this area's location is only known to the Taichou and Fukutaichou.

-Behave and do not destroy the building.

-Do not be a rude to any of the Shinigami here that are seated.

-Do not touch anything unless instructed to.

-Do not take anything unless instructed to.

-Do not go into any of the recovery rooms without permission from a
higher ranking Shinigami or if the patient in the room asks for your

Failure to comply with any of the rules will result in severe
punishment and potential detaining from the Sixth Division.

if you have any questions, please ask here.

Have a nice day.
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4th Division Itroduction READ IT!
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