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 11th Division Information

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Juuichibantai 11th Division (Zanjutsu)

11th Division Information 1

Taichou- Kenpachi Tamkara
Fukutaichou- Seshu Hachimi
3rd seat- Takashi Cai
4th seat- Becka Irene
5th seat-

~ Zanjutsu is the use of a zanpakutou in combat. It refers to the skills of a swordsman versed in the art of the sword and a selection of various other weapons. The 11th Division is firmly built upon the aspect of maintaining the constant upkeep of their mental, spiritual, instinctive, and physical state, centered into their swordsman skill. Here, great care is noted in the specialization of weaponry, particularly the shinigami’s zanpakutou, and the overall skill a shinigami can produce in association with their weaponry combat abilities, such as reflexes, agility, instinct and so on. The 11th Division is founded upon incorporating the body, mind and spirit into one’s soul cutting sword, for the soul belief of strengthening their combat abilities into a serene sound warrior. All members are used in the aid of battle, attack, and the service of other divisions for any mission required while avoiding disgrace to the division.

Several areas of the division are opened to all existing shinigami outside the premises, in order to better themselves as a fighter. Service is offered in improving a shinigami’s swordsmanship. Classes are available upon sign up to anyone. Several dojo clubs are opened to the full enjoyment and membership of any and all shinigami members and academy students upon permission of the academy teacher.

**Bankai and Shikai are obtainable and permissible to those the Taichou deems fit.**


Consequences will be severe if members or shinigami found in the building are caught breaking any of the following rules. Action will be taken immediately.

- Attacking a shinigami outside of a sparring match
- Aiding a fighter in the middle of a match
- extensive property damage
- Forgetting to bow to one’s official opponent
- Disobeying orders (Unless of Emotional situtions)
- Running out during a mission in which fighting or danger is inevitable ((No Exceptions. Your loyalty is expected regardless of moral or emotional concern)

**Shinigami caught doing the above will be reprimanded and dealt with accordingly. Consequences vary on the crime, from simple upkeep of the division to jail time to physical punishment. The Taichou will deal with all rugrats accordingly.**


Taichou Office - All questions, orders, concerns, and complaints can and may be brought here. *note* The Window is not a suitable entrance or exit. Please knock before entering.

Fukutaichou Office – Questions, complaints, reports and concerns may also be brought here in the absence of the Taichou. Orders may also come from the Fuku’s office.

Cafeteria – It’s inexcusable to have an unhealthy and weak shinigami. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served here. Eat.

Library – Small in size, the assorted books are entirely on the history of fighters, hollow types, gathered forms of hollow attacks, quincies, fighting arts, weaponry, important wars and battles, assorted shinigami fighters of the old, and spiritual identity sub-classed entirely separately. One can gather a great deal from the past.

Training grounds- Four outside training grounds are available for opened use to all shinigami among the 13 divisions. Please respect the terrain and your fellow shinigami using it. If there is a problem, fight it out.
Traps assigned - ~

Area 1: Woods and forestry *thirteen square acres*

Area 2: Field and flatland *twelve square acres* ~

Area 3: All terrain: rock, small manmade cliffs, rubble, manmade hills *seven square acres*

Area 4: Marshland area, manmade lake and swamps surrounding *nine square acres* ~


- Each Dojo ought to be maintained by an onlooker or a club leader. NOTE: All capable shinigami AND academy members are welcomed to join, grow, learn, and compete with one another. The object is to learn the art of a style and build upon it. Schedules will vary upon the dojo. Competition can be fierce. Leaders are assigned or given by the Taichou.

Basic rules among the dojo will vary.

Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu - It is the evolved form two sword style fighting. Niten Ichi ryu techniques are economical, without flashy or exaggerated movements. Targetting is precise, and the distance and timing is tight and without wasted movement. The bokuto used in Niten Ichi Ryu are thin and light, to allow proper one-handed control, and to prevent excessive tiring during extended practice holding the bokuto at shoulder level.

Bojutsu - It is a sister art to both Shinkendo. It involves the use of the 6-foot staff, which is sometimes shortened depending on practitioner height. Bojutsu enhances personal coordination and builds greater body motion and flexibility. Coordination drills are a large part of basic drills involving manual dexterity and body twisting. Low stances are a big part of bo work and deep knee bending elevate the impact level of this art slightly. A unique part of Bojutsu is the emphasis on creativity and "fun". Much of the staff spinning or "twirling" drills are much more light hearted than Shinkendo, where you mush treat your sword like a live blade at all times.

Buko-Ryu - Centers around the use of the naginata and most specifically the Kagitsuki Naginata (with a cross-piece at the base of the blade). Opposing weapons are spear, sword, kusarigama, and there is auxiliary practice with bo, nagamaki and kusarigama in their own right. The ryu specializes in ma-ai - one always tries to be at the perfect cutting range while having one's enemy at a poor cutting range with their weapon. It is very aggressive very upright, almost noble postures, arrogant, slashing attacks, very big movements to cut through man, weapon and armor if necessary

Iaido - It is the art of drawing and attacking with a sword. Iaido is mostly performed solo as a series of kata, executing varied techniques against single or multiple imaginary opponents. Each kata begins and ends with the sword sheathed. In addition to sword technique, it requires imagination and concentration in order to maintain the feeling of a real fight and to keep the kata fresh. In order to properly perform the kata, iaidoka also teaches posture and movement, grip and swinging.

Bujinkan (Warrior Spirit Training Hall) A collection of nine martial arts families. It is not so much a dojo as it is a training hall that works in unison with the other dojos. Two styles exist requiring armed and unarmed. Taught in the use of a variety of assorted weapons from shurikans, to bokkens, to tantos to wakizashis. Implements of several styles are incorporated, its purpose entirely on the exercise of applying one’s strength and power with as little reitsu as possible but rather the ‘warrior’s spirit.’

Taichou's Style - Is a style all to his own, He uses logic to fight along with his Hakuda skills, Champloo.

Arena – Standing in the center of the entire complex and surrounded by all existing dojos. Here, legal sparring is allowed and active at all times. Matches may be made and challenges accepted. Walls stand 15 feet up, chemically enhanced and designed, thanks to the 13th division department, to withstand the bankai of the 11th division Taichou. An enforced spirit pressure field is stabilized but it is not guaranteed. The audience and spectators should use caution upon viewing.

Indoor Training areas – There are several smaller indoor training rooms, designed as workout facilities, meditation centers, and reitsu controlled pressurized heat rooms adjusted accordingly. They are all cushioned with light blue padding. One of the more centered facilities works in joint as a sparring ring used for a specifically limited amount of weapons. Zanpakutous are left at the shelves in every room as it is concentrated strictly for skill, technique and meditation.

The Taichou & Fuku-Taichou and 3rd Seat are allowed to carry their zanpuktoh regardless of rules, without question.

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11th Division Information
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